Monday, January 10, 2011

11 months before the big 3-0!

All of my friends have been recently turning the big 3-0, aka dirty thirty, flirty thirty, etc. But it all seriousness, where the H has the time gone? Wasn't I just graduating from high school? Oh wait- no, that's right- I graduated from college almost 8 YEARS AGO! 
I look at turning thirty with excitement, as another chapter in my life opens up for me. Even though when I was younger I pictured my life at 30 completely different, I could not have chosen a better path for myself.
I have been through so many life changing experiences in the last 10 years that have taught me the importance of it all. These experiences have turned me into the person I am today...and I love that person! I think that's a part of what makes turning 30 so easy. I am completely comfortable with me. I am happy with my life and wouldn't have changed it for anything. 

So, here's a flashback of what I thought 30 would be...when I was 10:
(1991) When I'm 30, I'll be married with 3 kids, hopefully all girls (and I've always wanted twins). We'll live in a mansion and have everything we want. I'll be the cool mom that all the kids want to hang out with. I'll be wearing "mom clothes" and talking about politics and things I know nothing about now, or have any interest in. One lesson learned- don't yell back at your mom, you'll get soap in your mouth!

When I was 20:
(2001) In 10 years, I see myself deep into my aquatic biology career. I'll work for Sea World as a dolphin trainer. I'll go on exciting and beautiful excursions to further discover the marine life. I see my boyfriend and I married by then, maybe with a kid or two. I see myself still being friends with most of my high school and college best friends. One lesson learned- don't take a second of this life for granted, it can be gone in the blink of an eye.

(2011) No husband, No kids- definitely no twins, No career in marine biology, No mansion, No talk with other moms about politics/etc...BUT the things that I do have and have accomplished in the last 10 years have redefined the way I view life. I believe one does a lot of soul searching and growing in your twenties. Sometimes, you learn something the hard way- other times you teach someone something the hard way. One lesson learned- Life is about how you choose to react to the situations you are put in. You learn different things from different relationships until you get to a point where you know exactly what you want, and more importantly- what you don't want. I may not be settled down with a husband and kids, but I do have everything I want and need- amazing boyfriend, amazing friends and family, and experiences that I will never forget.

And so...I am stealing an idea from some other friends and am making a list of 29 things to accomplish this year before I turn 30 (which will be in my next post once completed). I think writing goals down is the easiest way to accomplish them. Plus, I thoroughly enjoy checking things off lists..weird, I know!
Let the list making begin!

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